I will provide a profitable digital marketing strategy and plan

$ 19.6262


Do you want to grow your business?

Well, I will help you to set a highly effective marketing strategy and plan tailored to your business needs by targeting your perfect audience and make many personas so your brand can have an active presence compared to its competitors.

Silver Package:

I will create a SWOT analysis for your business and for 1 of your competitors, target audience analysis, the strategy that you should follow, setting your goals and KPIs.

Gold Package: 

I will do the same as the silver package but in addition to analyzing 2 competitors, 1 buyer persona, suggestions that will increase your conversion rate and create more strong relationship between you and your customers.

Platinum Package:

I will do the same as the Gold package but in addition to analyzing 3 competitors, more suggestions to grow your business, 2 buyer personas, budget allocation, and a social calendar for the next 3 months.

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